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Co-living with young people's

well being in mind



We deliver quality coliving space that promotes inclusion, socialness and wellbeing and enhance our members’ career prospects by working with the local offices of all major corporates.

Our aim is to provide an infrastructure and the means to enable every young professional to choose how they want to live and work .


a defined brand of social and professional co-living aimed at young people who want a quality and spacious home environment that actively supports their living with purpose and intention.

Here for You

We think this is pretty exciting.

We would love to hear what you think.

Our young are now living and working in uncertain times, politically, environmentally….and in the permanent spotlight of social media and other contemporary means of communication.

We are in the middle of a housing crisis. Landlords continue to squeeze even more rent out of already limited space at a significant cost to the occupier and their well-being. It is therefore anticipated that there will be a rise in co-living developments in 2019 as people – particularly millennials – continue to blur the lines between work, home and play.

We want to provide an infrastructure so that every young person can choose where they live and work with their wellbeing at the forefront of our intentions.

Co-living provides a genuine viable solution to the current housing crisis. It is open to us conceptually because, whilst it is a relatively new market sector, it is quickly establishing itself and therefore an area within which we can look to create a significant business quickly, both within the UK and potentially the USA and Asia in due course.


The UK government has failed to provide anywhere near the right quality and quantity of housing over the last few decades. According to recent reports, 9 out of 10 renters (especially in London) are now living without adequate communal living areas. A recent survey (2019 – 11,000 respondents) 20% of people between 20-30 in London have no living room at all. Flats are getting smaller as young people must think laterally about how to fit in social space often cramming sofas into small kitchens or bedrooms.

This creates a host of problems around young peoples’ well-being and are primary reasons why new thinking and radical ideas are required; essentially because of the high cost of living in the UK mentioned above and because of the significant number of students leaving college or university and not able to find adequate and affordable accommodation.


Meeting Expectations

We are looking to build our team and want to meet you if you feel you have the right skills and values to meet our objectives. No experience is necessary, just the right attitude! We can provide the rest! If you have any questions, simply reach out.


Property hubs (sites) – delivering the optimum "boutique size and type" for each location. Providing space - "quality and quantity" as well as bespoke design and layout. Each private space will amount to 250-375 sq ft.

Members– "who" will want to live in our hubs (and "why"). We welcome all young professionals and entrepreneurs as well as self-employed as you are all key in this respect. We will invite 75-120 members per hub.

Corporate entities – we will contact you for any of your people on secondment or placement and requiring short and medium-term accommodation and to identify any temporary and permanent positions you may have available for our residents.

Social opportunities – by creating relationships within local communities.

We will find, acquire and develop the most suitable sites available on the best terms possible in order to pass value onto our members. We are confident that our coliving concept (targeting town centre sites/properties to create our boutique hubs) embraces a contemporary property solution that encompasses our "live-work-social" blend.

A key component is that our hubs will provide numerous activities (Social) as well as the core pursuits (Live & Work).

These include: Social activities and opportunities to participate in community and environmental projects, networking and learning new skills.

What and Why? 

Pooling living resources:

Setting up a flat can be very expensive. There are so many individual costs including rent, council tax, utilities, TV, Telecom, Wi-Fi, furnishings and more.

One cost solutions:

We offer a one cost solution to our tenants per month with everything provided on an all inclusive basis.


The only requirements our members need to consider are:

• what type of accommodation you prefer;

• and how long you want to commit for.


The longer period you commit to, the cheaper it will be.


Commitment length:

We are offering 3 month, 6 month and 12 month rental periods.


Type of Accommodation:

We will offer bedroom suites with private bathrooms, studio apartments with kitchenettes and a few 2 bed apartments where possible.

Property Requirements

UK Towns/Cities

75,000+ Population

Train station

Active Commercial Leisure centre

Freeholds only, 30,000 sq ft+

Outside space

£150 psf per property

Work/live environment

Period style/Retail/Warehouse/Office

Agents fully retained on introduction

Collaboration with other uses welcomed

Why is it a good idea?

Meet amazing people/Collaborate

Community/Pool living resource

Try new things/More outgoing

Work/live environment







Help each other/Not feeling alone