Co-living ventures around the world

Although it is a relatively young concept, there are a number of established Coliving ventures which are already doing a fab job promoting excellent values. We are keen to identify some of these within our blog and raise a glass to their achievements to date and our best wishes for the future.

Today's Coliving venture is: Outside.

What is Outsite? (In their words...)

Outsite was founded in 2015 to serve a new segment of location flexible professionals looking to integrate their life and their work. ‍ From the simple seed of an idea - to live and work in beautiful locations surrounded by interesting people - Outsite was born. Outsite’s vision is to offer a way for people to experience the work/life integration our generation craves with a global infrastructure that mixes physical spaces and communities to facilitate the nomadic lifestyle. Access to coliving/coworking spaces, a community of interesting people and leading experts and services to facilitate this emerging lifestyle form the base of our offering. Currently, Outsite has 18 spaces in locations both in the USA and internationally, ranging from jungle villas and beachfront apartments to mountain hideaways and urban homes-from-home. To best serve our customers, each Outsite features the right amenities and design to make each stay as productive, restorative, social, or fun as you desire. Our Values:

These are the values that drive the work we do at Outsite. Human Connection In the digital age, real human connections are getting scarce. By working and living together in physical spaces, we aim to encourage and facilitate real human experiences. Open Mindedness ‍We and our members share living and working environments in different countries. To make that possible, being tolerant towards other cultures and behaviours is a must. Independence ‍We believe in individual freedom and free will over structure and hierarchy. We believe people are at their best when they can live life on their own terms. Diversity ‍We come from a diverse background both in race, nationalities and genders. By gathering different people in different places to have different experiences (beach, mountain, cities), we aim to build a diverse global community. Sustainability We believe we can enjoy the world and protect it at the same time. In the city or in nature, we play an important role in keeping it beautiful for everyone to experience – both today and into the future.

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