Why coliving

Node – 7 venues international, luxury end. Node co-founder and CEO Anil Khera said the whole concept was about bringing young professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives together. ‘What we try to do with the Node concept is to locate ourselves in areas that people couldn’t normally afford and make those units affordable,’ Node have a waiting list. The Collective – 3 venues international, large units 300+ people. Speaking about the future of co-living, The Collective’s COO James Scott said: “In the future we will all be ‘homeless’. Where previously we moved straight from adolescence into adulthood, we now take our time to become more socially liberated and culturally diverse, experimenting to find out what – and who – we love, before committing to it in adulthood. “This suspended adulthood and the rise of the digital nomad results in an increase in mobility and a reduced desire to settle. Eventually, we will move to a model of subscription homes or providing ‘Living as a Service’.” The Collective have a waiting list. We Live (part of We Work) 2 venues international. Pricey housing markets mean co-living buildings are on the rise “Co-living is for hipsters not hippies” The Economist. “The Real Estate Market will be Reshaped by Co-living” Income Property Managers Inc. Journalist Suzanne Bearne suggests, “with no end in sight for Generation Rent and a growing desire for ultra convenience, the co-living trend looks only set to boom.” In London, housing body Peabody has partnered with workspace provider The Trampery to launch affordable workspace on-site together with accommodation through a live/work scheme targeted at creative and tech entrepreneurs. Based in Hackney Wick, work to create the Fish Island development is currently ongoing. UK newcomer Roam is another business to watch; its co-living space in Kensington includes private suites with bed, bathroom and shower, co-working desks with “battle-tested WiFi”, and the option for users to ‘pay as you stay' so they can come and go weekly or monthly.

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